Limited Time (OR Limited Time Only) items and events are ones and exclusive items that will go rare. After this, this item will never be available again. All items that are available for a limited time only but with limited quantity and stock (of 2,000 to 40,000 respectively) and they cannot be repaired while they degrade over time during/in combat (PVE/PVP/PVM/GVG). They can become missable and turn to/into dust after use and event. They are all untradeable. It's limited to 10% of players who have higher ranks or whatever! All items for a limited time have limited lifespans, be prepared!

Limited time usuable items have limited usages and some have limited teleportation. They will turn to dust after limited uses!

Description: For a limited time (only), buy extra package with powerful items for a special discount. As part of Limited Time and Limited Edition items, these equipments degrade over time before turning to dust. Get up to 50-200% more! Hurry! These deals will not last and they are not restockable and they are therefore irreparable, they can be missable and go rare after event! Further use will permanently destroy items once time is up or it is all used up!

WARNING: If a player with any item available for a limited time, is killed in dangerous places regardless of towns, it will turn to dust and this will delete it! BE VERY CAREFUL! This all items available for a limited time and quantity will BIND to your account and will therefore be untradeable. This applies to all temporary and limited devices only!

For Example:

Arcane Bladelight (R) - 50,000 charges in attack. (Limited Time Rarity)

Luminescent Claws (R) - 100,000 charges

Weak Arcane Bladelight (R) - 1,000 charges in attack. (Limited Time Rarity)

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