It is about the Universe in Celestial Realms...

NPCS involved

  • New Moon Empress
  • Winged Queen Angel
  • Princess Illaria (Mentioned)
  • Panda Basi
  • Queen Joan

Random cameo NPCS involved.

  • Headbutt Carker (CartoonRocker)
  • Krohgar (IcySageDorc)
  • Taj
  • Mr. Holt
  • Keo (MondoArt)
  • Logan Volf (Zkaijuraptor/Z0mbiraptor)
  • Cyneric Gunvald (LundeaDusk)
  • Selene11
  • Glimmer (Princesses Of Power)
  • Rayla (Dragon Prince
  • Queen Sarai (Mentioned in Dragon Prince)
  • Brunhilde (Avengers)
  • Scarlet Witch
  • Aria Boleene (Original???)

and waaaay to many to list.

These NPCs were able to interact with certain players. The Sacred Genealogy Kickstarter project launched after people watched Avengers Endgame.

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