Project Sacred Genealogy And Celestial Realm is the upcoming MMORPG + Single Player + Browser in Kartridge, Steam, Kongregate, Battlenet, PS4, PS5, XOne, Switch, Android, Apple game.

Formely known as Sacred Genealogy. Patrons and backers here were supporting the game.

Azimundas Patreon page would consist of 6 tiers in four Patreons.


In Patreon

  • Tier 6: Yearly Legacy ($899 per year) [On Patreon]
  • Previous rank rewards mentioned before (item sets/treasure chests)
  • Concept art from Patreon artists
  • BONUS (For those who backed at least $1000 on Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms will get bonuses)
  • For Citibank Cardholders that would get special discount and rebate to get exclusive titles and more (Blue cat and Orange Panda in-game and in future project game).
  • Extra Loyalty Points in monthly subscription
  • BONUS: If you have lifetime support on our Patreon, you would have a chance in Fangamer to back our Kickstarter project before it concludes on October 13, 2019 right after Break Kickstarter and Kickstarter Live as our live game project.)
  • # Includes Discord Rewards (Highest order of the maximum level of Soul Link Bonuses)
  • # Includes Discord Nitro Perks* (great magnification of power of Soul Link Bonuses)

In Kickstarter

  • Pledge $25,000 or more (Ultimate Pathfinder) (Limit: 5) Now Rewards No Longer Available due to 5 maximum people
  • Join Bill Halliday along with collaborators of video game developers with VIP interviews.
  • Millions of Premiums in-game and in future official release on January 2025.
  • Supermassive level gain gap in VIP and Support Levels in our current game and in our future object.
  • Discord Invite Chat
  • Travel and accommodations not included.
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