Project Cyranea is the videogame both single-player offline and multi-player online game. It was funded in Fig, Indiegogo, Kickstarter and Campfire for several 1 to 20 million dollar-funding each and via funding of 200 million dollars in independent with help and collaboration of Patreon, Kickstarter and Indiegogo, Fig creators. The campaign started in 2013 after Patreon was born. It was (and has) been oficially released on January 9, 2020. The second phase will be completed in 2025. The recruits act as spirits from Super Smash Brothers Ultimate thanks to the collaborations. These numbers in this game can go beyond 10^308 thankfully. (For example, if enemy were level 70 thousand, their health would be like 10^7000 to 10^70000 depending on it.

Starting stuff as retail Edit

  • Available classes: Mage (Dungeon & Fighter), Weapon-Fighter (Granado Esapda), Fist-Fighter (Dungeon & Fighter), Gunner (Dungeon & Fighter), Musketeer (Dungeon & Fighter),

Kickstarter-exclusive content from BackersEdit

  • Available Recruitable NPCS available from start: Kiana (Honkai), Skyra (Elves), Katarina (League of Legends), Kitty, Chang, Izumi, Sig, Su (Gyee), Ibis, Sarai, Kasef, Callum, Soren, Claudia, Corvus (Dragon Prince), Soma, Shanoa (Castlevania), Kanna, Charlotte, Cherlyn, Cassia, Sariel, Sirius (Granado Espada), Cyneric (LundeaDusk), Kinsley (EinYulci), Kairi (Kingdom Hearts), Scorpia, Spinerella, Shadowspinner, Castella, Catra (She-Ra Remake), Kirby (Kirby), Coranda, Krel (3Below), Kyoshiro, Iroha (Samurai Spirits), Colt, Bull (Brawl Stars), Isendra (Diablo)
  • Hidden Recruits: Miriam, Zangetsu (Bloodstained)
  • Available Avatar Playable Characters from the start: Scout (Granado Espada), Crusader (Diablo 3), Slayer (Dungeon and Fighter), Cleric (Dragon Nest), Swordsman (Gyee)
  • Starting map location: Skaridia (a sky fortress), south of Cyranea and east of Grandinea.
  • Character Sagas: Friends and Foes (Sarai, Katarina), Dark Arts (Claudia, Shadowweaver and Castaspella), Bloodstained Memories (Miriam, Soma Cruz)

Patreon-exclusive content from PatronsEdit

  • Available Recruitable NPCS available from start: Peter, Nemesio, Priapus, Osmond (Gyee), Oengus (Child of Light), Ornella, Natalie, Nina, Nena (Granado Espada), Naida (Elves), Netella (She-Ra Remake), Nyx (Dragon Prince), Po Panda (Kung Fu Panda), Perzival (Ready Player One), Piston (Maplestory), Pit, Palutena (Pit), Pam, Piper (Brawl Stars), Oliver (Nyuudles)
  • Hidden Recruits: Raid (Insignia), Raidan (Paradiso)
  • Available Avatar Playable Characters from the start: Necromancer (Diablo 3), Priest (Dungeon & Fighter)
  • Starting map location: Northenhale, north of Cyranea
  • Character Sagas: Norsemen's Footprints (Peter and Olaf), Nature's Wrath (Perfuma and Naida), Lost Insignia (Raid)

Both (if players backed a Kickstarter and became Patreon Patron at the same time)Edit

  • Available Recruitable NPCS available from start: Ellis & Ava, Ezran, Runaan, Rayla, Aanya, Amaya (Dragon Prince), Ryan, Ellie (AbsolumT), Aira, Azari (Dragon Prince), Argenta (Dragon Nest), Angella, Entrapta (She-Ra Remake), Aja (3Below), Ania, Anis (Granado Espada)
  • Available Avatar Playable Characters from the start: Exorcist (Gyee), Arcanist (Gyee), Enchantress (Dragon Nest)
  • Starting map locations: Either Cyranea, Northenhale or Skaridia.
  • Character Sagas: Norsemen's Footprints (with Peter, Olaf, Bull), Elven Doom (Naida, Skyra, Rayla, etc.)
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