Stacking is a system where numbers can be changed.


  • Patrons who pledged creator's page Patreon are able to stack additively.
  • However, backers who backed previous projects in this game from Kickstarter before campaign ended, are able to stack multiplicatively. This is a difference that ratio is one patron every five or ten backers.
  • Limited Time EXP gain event (100% + 50% (500 patrons who pledged on Patreon) * 50% (5000 backers who backed a project on Kickstarter) would receive 225% of the original EXP gain.
  • Damage stacking is the same as EXP gain. (100% damage base plus 1000 patrons would equal 100% more damage equals 200%. With 100% damage damage bonus from 10000 backers, it would become 400% of the damage dealt.)
  • "You must be a Patron from Patreon to boost damage and EXP additively."
  • "You must be a Backer from backing previous campaigns before its end to boost damage and EXP multiplicatively"
  • Special EXP multiplier is increased by # of Backers from Kickstarter divided by # of Patrons from Patreon.
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