Soul Link and Spirit Link is a Patreon-exclusive buff where this Patreon co-creator page Azimundas Team Company has included Reddit Flair and Discord Rewards.


A patron who pledged on Patreon for Discord Rewards gets a Soul Split bonus. It is 5-man party. He/She goes to leveling place with a player whether they are Patrons or not, fight enemies and monsters. He/she uses 10% defense buff potion to one party member, then a patron receives 2% additive defense buff and nearby party member. If they were Discord Nitro, then the effects would increase.


  • Damage Bonus Buff - 150% from battle cry / 15 party members = 10% bonus from Battle Cry.
  • With Nitro Discord - 150% from battle cry x 15 party members = 2250% bonus from Battle Cry to self and 10% to all party members.

Also, a Patron who pledged on Patreon on Reddit Flair, either the Sacred Genealogy or Celestial Realm - Sanctum gets Spirit Link bonus. A player uses healing potion/mana potion/armor potion while fighting a boss with players of 3, then Patron also gets healed.

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