Soul Link is the passive ability where players had their Patreon ID connected to both Patreon and Discord in Sacred Genealogy games. With

Passive ability: Heals a player by attacking enemies by small amounts. It also heals party members by small amount. The more players, the more Patrons including Discord rewards, the better Soul Link will be. Higher tier of Patreon pledge linked to Nitro Discord will further strengthen and amplify it. Players who have Backer ID with Kickstarter Superbacker status will have extra split damage to enemies. Also, it gives certain party member soul link spirit to connect. This gives a player member from another to borrow abilities. For those who are Grand Curators (both Patreon Patrons and Kickstarter Superbackers) with Soul Connection from backing at least 25 KS projects; it will be cumulative in this effect. This would (and could or should) help in Boss fights and raids.

In Popular Culture Edit

  • Soul Link is also the Manipulation Shard, the patron-only Patreon-exclusive content in Bloodstained: Ritual of The Night as it heals Miriam by small amount by physically or magically attacking as ranks get higher. It also drains MP per second and it is single shot.
  • Soul Link is the Seren blessing in Runescape after completion of The Light Within. It heals the teammate's health by half amount from Soul Split.
  • Soul Link is something that a Soul Linker gives players job class spirits in Ragnarok Online...
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