Player Kill OR PK is available exclusively to Curators [both patrons of Patreon and backers of Kickstarter] (and players who are both patron(s) and backer(s)). Unlike PVP area zone which is available to all players.


Player must support this site on Patreon and back a project in this game. If not, then he/she must be superbacker to


Kill some players who are Curators (Patrons and Backers) in-game to get Karma Points. Must be Patreon-Supported and Kickstarter-Backed!


Lose XP, items and wealth on death if you have bad karma on killing a player.


You must be a Curator [both a Superbacker (or a backer) and a Patron pledging a Celestial Realm games fan page of a fan base and party members with their accounts who are both patrons and backers (or superbackers)] to help and assist you in fighting opponents who are player-patron-backers (Patreon and Kickstarter). Once he/she/they is/are killed, items will be dropped on death. Make sure you must have included Discord rewards and Reddit flair to have both Soul Split and Spirit Link active. Be aware that Karma points will increase and Bad Karma will go up and Good Karma will also go down.

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