This is a fanmade strategy of Singarti Blackwood (Event) Megacosmic Superboss. He was summoned on 2018.03.03. An event raid.

Reference: @SingartiBlackwd of Twitter

  • Tier: #1
  • Rank: #1
  • Race: Demihuman
  • Subrace: Orc
  • Gender: Male
  • Attack Rating: 1e17,000,000
  • Defense Rating: 1e17,000,000
  • LVL: 155,520,000
  • LE: 1.5e155,520,015
  • EXP: 1.5e46,700,000
  • Attack: 1e17,000,000
  • Defense: 1e17,000,000
  • Resistance(s)
    • All: 0-75 (may vary)

Location: Fästning av Gudomlig Scull.

Spawn Time: Started 3 March 2018 (might end 28 March 2018). Finished 23 March 2018 (104 hours remaining.)

Description: The orc from nowhere. Friend of Brex.

Boss time: 25 days straight! (600 hours = 25 days = 3 weeks + 4 days)

Getting StartedEdit

  • You must need 150 Divine Seal Pieces for each family (40 individuals will mean 6,000).
  • Have at least 64-player party team (this would mean 40 party members every player IF you purchased).
  • Have better set equipments with monster souls attached (Legendary to Unique or better rarity).
  • Must have players with high-leveled ascensions, prestiges, transcendence, rebirths or so. Having this will help and survive.
  • Must have passive abilities like Second Chance, Guts! to survive a fatal blow from Singarti Blackwood himself becuse he can possibly kill a player family member!
  • (Optional) must have Premium subscription or higher OR high VIP levels.
  • Same strategy as Sir Lunept's. His extra attacks will wipe out your player family member(s).
    • RECOMMENDED PARTY MEMBERS (extra hits will help!!!)
      • Aclla
      • Natalie (Granado Espada)
      • Michelle (DNF)
      • Ethereal Queen
      • Maria Traydor
      • Valkyrie
      • And much!


  • 15 x Divine Rarity LVL N weapon/armor/accessories
  • Singarti Blackwood Soul (If the player deals the highest damage, must be ranked #1)
  • 7 x Recipe (Arena weapons) (Rare to Divine)
  • 15 x Göttliche Seelen
  • Aria's Token (Legacy Rarity)
  • Illuminaria's Visage (Artifact Rarity)
  • Legacy Moonstone (Legacy Rarity)
  • Legacy Blue Diamond (Legacy Rarity)
  • Spirit Stones (Random Rarity)
  • Tier 1 seal (because Singarti Blackwood is tagged as/considered Tier 1)
  • Singarti Blackwood Figure (If the player deals the highest damage, must be ranked #2-15)
  • Singarti Blackwood Card


  • N - Variable number (based on Family level)
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