Campaign from Kickstarter (Plus GoFundMe and IndieGogo)Edit

  • Goal of $1Mk: Goal reached for phase 1 in 2009, meant for Pre-Alpha release.
  • Goal of $2.5m: New additional content for new systems.
  • Goal of $5m: Extra beta campaigns/missions/quests/or whatever.
  • Goal of $10m: Goal Reached for phase 2 in 2010, meant for Alpha release.
  • Goal of $25 (More concept arts/new contents (Patreon)
  • Goal of $50m: Extra Stuff (GofundMe)
  • Goal of $100m: Goal reached for phase 3 in 2011, meant for Closed Beta release. (GofundMe)
  • Goal of $250m: Goal reached for phase 3 in 2011, meant for Closed Beta release. (GofundMe)
  • Goal of $500m: Pixel stuff for low-end PCs, future HD graphics for high-end PCs. Even more extra stuff, mobile gaming release (GofundMe)
  • Goal of $1b: Final goal reached for phase 4 in 2012, meant for Beta release. Official release will have Steam virtual download alongside Battlenet, PC, PS3, WiiU, X360. In 2013 and beyond, it will also be in PS4, X1, Switch. The official release will be alongside the opening of Patreon. (around 10-12m backers/subscribers!). (GofundMe)

Campaign from PatreonEdit

  • There are 14 tiers similar to Kicstarter and it has Jan-Dec 2013-2017 rewards for updates for upcoming DLC, Early Access from Patreon plus Steam and PTR (Public Test Realm), and seasons. The total accumlated budget per expansion set is around USD100-200k
  • 100% Complete for every season, DLC, Expansion set.
  1. New campaigns (Unlocked)
  2. New quests (Unlocked)
  3. New missions (Unlocked)
  4. Concept art (Unlocked)
  5. Patreon shop (if players support the moderators of the game in Patreon), for exclusive item rewards
  6. Patreon-only missions/contents/quests/or whatever
  7. Million account/player commemoration.
  8. Subscriber-only club
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