7 years Since after its release in 2002, there was 1000-man team in Kickstarter within full-development, there were plans with Kickstarter to fund $800 Million to pledge more millions. It would be available in Steam and Blizzard though. Blizzard and Steam agreed with collaboration.

In 2013 the Patreon was released, the developers had their own Patreon pages to attract previous Kickstarter Pledgers, Founders, Beta Testers, Premium Subscribers to give constant updates. Back in 2010, there were 8M subscribers and 200 Million Accounts/400 Million Players.

In 2015, the developers had a breakthrough to break the limit of 1.797693134862315907729305190789e+308 to make numbers infinite and grow forever like Clicker Heroes.

Since then, Premium Members/Subscribers/VIPs have access to Test Servers from, Patreon Early Access, Steam Early Access, Public Testing Realm and Beta Test to check out any new content to find any bugs out.

  • Founders only: Only for those who started the access in 2002 up to 2009 with upcoming Kickstarter.
  • Patrons Only: Only those who were Kickstarter Backers, or not, will have high priority access to PTR Test Servers or premium rewards to get exclusive items, titles, etc. They will have access to sketch only artworks and concept arts to give patrons a try! They can have access to exclusive shop if you are a Patron too! Tier 4 or higher will net Patreon Treasure Chest that is account-bound and will give you more premium mall items!
  • Backers/Kickstars Only: Only for those who participated in Kickstarter will have access to exclusive shop and features.
  • Curators Only: For those who were subscribed to Azimundas Patreon page and backed Celestial Realm Legacy games and update/expansion Kickstarter projects OR 25 game/comic kickstarter projects not related to that.
  • Subscribers Only: Only for those who paid for premium membership will have high priority access to PTR Test Servers or premium rewards.
  • Steam: Must have accessed Steam Early Access.
  • Blizzard: Must be connected via for PTR
  • Both/all of the above (including or excluding Founder): With few who are connected to Battle.Net accounts, linked with Steam account and those who are previous Kickstarter Backers, Patrons of Patreon, premium members with VIP level will get another exclusive stuff. [for example, with exclusive titles, Kickstarting Patrons of VIP badge and Steam Blizzard aura cosmetic effect. Or Patrons will become Kickstarts AFTER they participated in Kickstarter].
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