Events are the ones that would occur in limited time or in special instances.

Color Battle Royale EventEdit

  • Started early Feb to early March
  • The Yellow Team belonged to a new event NPC Sir Lunept (one who is human with blond hair and beard with muscular body type, and has green wings like Busiris). (players entered PTR to get Cyneric Gunvald (LundeaLunept soul). Not with that, there is NPC Mr. Holt (LrPanda from Pixiv), and Golden Goo.
  • The Red Team belonged to several NPCs from certain franchises, like Cherlyn from Granado Espada, Argenta from Dragon Nest, and Female Ghost knight from Dungeon and Fighter.
  • The Blue Team belonged to several NPCs like Lucina, Aqua, Azura, Lucia, Blue stuff, etc.
  • The Green Team belonged to unknown group, including Enjay216 the Green Cat, Green Dragon Guys, etc.
  • Longtime players who got long transcends, achievements and certain ones were able to participate.
  • Certain bosses and monsters that came from Granado Espada, Kingdom Hearts, Ragnarok Online and such.
  • We did knot know what the event.
  • The Yellow Team won the battle against the Red Team, thus sealing away the Crimson Phoenix.
  • The event began reinstating once more in March 2019. The last one ended in November 2018.

Halloween Revenge eventEdit

  • Characters that Rho_Art made in Paper Icon appeared as new souls and also appeared as bosses.
  • Patrons, backers and subscribers had their priority.
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