• Thanos' snap with death wave combined by Darkseid's Anti-Life Equation erased half of Universe's populace, along with Ultimecia's time compression in arrow of time that is irreversible and there might be no way back anymore.
  • Half of the population were gone. The surviving half were affected by Darkseid's Anti-Life Equation.
  • Half of the stars of the Universe were erased, but surviving half were black holes.
  • Thus the Cataclysmic and Apocolapyic era began.
  • Half of the digital data were deleted upon Thanos' snap, thus the remaining half were corrupt and or faced rebooting.
  • Decay rate of every living and non-living thing doubled under Thanos' snap and Darkseid's Anti-life Equation.
  • Cancer and disease rates were sped up double.
  • Life expectacy was halved.
  • Thanos and Darkseid became Thanoseid, an epitome of pure evil.
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